Hey, I am Karina. I am a designer, researcher, visual journalist, and a machine learning practitioner. My practice extends from designing human-computer interfaces and telling stories through data and information graphics to investigating war crimes in legal contexts and journalistic outputs, researching computer vision methods in investigative research, exploring emotion recognition with deep learning, collaborating with GAN models, and re-thinking human-computer interaction. I am also into fashion design, art history, architecture, Bruno Latour's thinking, and Russian literature.

I am currently contributing to the New York Times and Human Rights Center. Previously my work contributed to Primer.ai, Square, Dropbox, Hallo, Fireflies.ai, Lovers Magazine, Blueprint, the Daily Californian, The Blum Center for Developing Economies, CITRIS & The Banatao Institute, the UN, and European Youth Parliament.

I am a fourth-year undergraduate studying data science (cognition), public policy, and sustainable design at University of California, Berkeley (former architecture major). Currently involved in Brian Barsky's Computer Vision Research, and Clancy Willmot's Cartography Lab. I am a Northern Viet, who was born and raised in Eastern Ukraine, where I graduated from music school and physics & math lyceum. I then spent two years in high school in New Hampshire, focusing on visual art. My photographs and mixed-media artworks have been exhibited in several galleries and won awards. Email / Github / Twitter / Instagram / Substack / Linkedin.